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#202in2020 Spotlight

202 interviews and conversations with DC's business & community leaders.

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Beginning in January 2020 and for the rest of 2020, CrowdieAdvisors, working in partnership with Axes and Eggs, will be conducting interviews and conversation with 200 hundred and 2 business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders in the Nation’s Capital.

About the #2020in2020 Spotlight Project 

The #202in2020 Spotlight project is a holistic look back on the decade that was 2010 - 2020, from the eyes of the business women and men that make the District possible. Focused on where the business leaders and doers in the District see the District heading into the new roaring 20s!

If you would like to be interviewed for the the #202in2020 Spotlight Project, please provide your email down below. Once you have submitted your contact information we'll follow up to schedule an interview. Please note - you must live in or work for a business that is domiciled or does at least 50% of its business in the District of Columbia to be part of this project.

Interviews can be done over the phone, video, or in person. All interviews will be recorded, shared on social media and achieved for historical purposes. If you do not with to have your name, face, and likeness shared please do not submit your name.

Thank you for making DC great!

We look forward to interviewing you.